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Female Packing List – TEFL China

Packing for long term travel can always be a challenge. You need to carefully assess what you want to carry around with you. You need to be sure that it is going to be useful and necessary otherwise it’s just… Continue Reading →

My first 24 hours in Xi’an

It may have taken months for me to get my visa but once I had it I wasted no time. I booked a flight that left a week later and from then on it was a whirlwind! In the days… Continue Reading →

What to expect from a Chinese Standard Medical Check

Hurray. You have made it to China with your work visa in hand. However now, as per your visa conditions, you need a standard medical check. I had mine done the day after arriving in Xi’an and it was crazy…. Continue Reading →

Why it’s OK to not be able to answer questions about your next travel destination

You book a flight, pack a bag and maybe have a look through some travel guides. You’ve got your travel insurance and visa if needed. In your mind, you are prepared. You are all set to go on your next adventure. Then… Continue Reading →

People watching at Heathrow Airport – The 4 groups of people to spot at any airport in the world.

People watching is a quality past time but at an airport it’s even more interesting. Today I am at Heathrow Airport. I am finally flying to Xi’an. I had numerous setbacks when I was applying for my visa so now… Continue Reading →

The Headache of a Chinese Work Visa

The Chinese work visa application process has been a slow one. I was offered a job in January. Completed my TEFL qualification at the start of March (Yes, my awesome friend managed to hook me up with a job before… Continue Reading →

Why are you still wasting money on hotels? 7 Reasons to book a hostel instead!

Everybody knows hostels are cheaper than hotels. It’s a great reason to choose them when travelling however that’s not the only reason they’re so popular among backpackers. In fact a couple of week ago I made a bold claim to my brother…. Continue Reading →

10 Things You Should Know About Summer Camp

Summer camp is an integral part of American culture. I grew up in Britain so was never privy to the experience as a camper. However, I did of course watch The Parent Trap which made the entire thing look incredibly appealing. When I… Continue Reading →

Paragliding in Ölüdeniz, Turkey

  In 2013 I went on family holiday to Ölüdeniz in Turkey, Whilst there my sister and I decided we should definitely try out paragliding. Paragliding is on my bucket list and Ölüdeniz is home to the best paragliding in Europe. It would have been… Continue Reading →

5 Lessons From Hong Kong

When I went to New Zealand I flew out with a BUNAC group. My group was made up of 20 people going to both New Zealand and Australia. We had a 3 day stopover in Hong Kong which was action… Continue Reading →

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