I think I created my first bucket list after watching The Bucket List when I was around 13 years old. You could argue I was a bit young to be thinking about what I wanted to do before I died, as it was (and hopefully still is) a long way off.

However, I don’t think you can be too young to make your first Bucket List. After all a bucket List is essentially just a list of things that are important to you and it can help you realise what it is you value in your life. I think someone’s Bucket List can tell you a lot about them. I love reading other people’s Bucket Lists and getting more ideas for my own list (you can never have too long a list!)

My Bucket List

Visit North America

Visit South America

Visit Europe

Visit Asia

Visit Oceania

Visit Africa

Skydive – New Zealand 2016

Bungy Jump – New Zealand 2015

My heart has never beated so fast!

 Go on safari

Celebrate New Years in a big city

Dine by the Eiffel tower

Visit Harry Potter World, Florida – 2014

Give blood

Road trip in a campervan with friends

Ride a gondola in Venice

Visit Las Vegas

Swim with dolphins – New Zealand 2015

Go inter-railing across Europe

Visit Harry Potter Studios, London – 2013

Complete a colour run

See the Northern Lights


Go White Water Rafting – Tennessee 2014

Donate hair – 2016

It takes 5 hair donations to make 1 wig so my aim is donate at least 4 more times

Learn Ukulele

Surf a wave (stood up)

Attend Olympics

Swim on Christmas Day – England 2013 (I nearly froze to death)

Attend Holi Festival

Take part in a giant food fight – La Tomatina 2011

Go paragliding – Turkey 2013

Ride a jet ski

Visit a chocolate factory – Cadburys 2010

Attend a baseball game in America -Wahington DC 2014

Fill my passport with stamps

Climb a mountain – Mount Snowdon 2010

Go to Rio Carnival

Go horse riding – New Zealand 2016

Have a drink in an Ice Bar – New Zealand 2015

Scuba dive

Go to the top of the Empire State Building – 2014

See the Great Barrier Reef – 2016

Fly a plane – New Zealand 2015

Freaking out when I was seconds from doing aerobatics in a plane!

Hike a Glacier -Franz Josef 2015

Visit the Grand Canyon

Fly first class

Ride the London Eye – 2010

Swim with sea turtles – Australia 2016

Watch a show on Broadway – Phantom of the Opera, 2014

Volunteer Abroad

Visit 9/11 memorial – 2014

Walk (part of) the Great Wall of China – Jiankou to Mutianyu 2017

Visit Niagara Falls

Watch a meteor shower

Ride a helicopter – New Zealand 2015

Attend a music festival – V Festival 2012

Visit Hollywood -2016

Write a book

Be in a live TV Audience

I will be forever adding to this list as there are so many new experiences and adventures to be had out there. I think everyone should have some form of a Bucket List whether it is a huge list with specifics or a general idea of what you would like to do in your life.

You only get one life! Don’t waste it and make sure you squeeze all the living out of it that you can!

And of course if there’s anything that you have on your list that you think I should include on mine, don’t hesitate to suggest it below!