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People watching at Heathrow Airport – The 4 groups of people to spot at any airport in the world.

People watching is a quality past time but at an airport it’s even more interesting. Today I am at Heathrow Airport. I am finally flying to Xi’an. I had numerous setbacks when I was applying for my visa so now… Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Studios – A Must Visit London Attraction

I, along with most of my generation, grew up with Harry Potter. I have read all the books numerous times and watched the films even more. In the run up to my 19th birthday my sister asked if I could get a… Continue Reading →

6 Reasons To Visit An Inflatable Waterpark

Inflatable Waterparks have taken off! They’re popping up everywhere across the world and as interest grows, so do the parks. This year I decided to find out what all the fuss was about. Within six weeks of my first session, I had visited two… Continue Reading →

White Christmas Dip – A Christmas Day Swim In England

Christmas day was always a low-key affair in my house growing up. My sister and I adored Christmas, however, it was always the lead up I enjoyed most. The day itself was usually about waking up early, exchanging presents and overeating all day… Continue Reading →

The Megabus Incident – Overnight budget travel gone wrong!

Overnight buses are a staple for backpackers. They’re cheaper than flights, trains or car hire PLUS they save you forking out for a nights accommodation. They may not be the most comfortable nights sleep you will get, but by travelling… Continue Reading →

Must Have Guide to La Tomatina

I am pretty sure I am not the only one who loved the idea of having a giant food fight when I was a kid. Maybe it’s all the pie throwing featured in kids TV programs but it always seemed… Continue Reading →

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